3 Home Improvements Under $100

Posted by admin on February 22, 2017
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There comes a time in the life of every homeowner when something’s gotta change. Your home has looked the same for too long, and if you don’t change it now you just might explode.

Luckily, there are plenty of simple home improvements you can do without investing a lot of time and money. Check out these three and flex those DIY muscles.


  1. Paint the trim white.

You might be thinking, “But my trim is already white!”. That might be true, but there are hundreds of different shades of white in the world. And even if you’re happy with your trim’s shade now, it will always look better with a fresh coat of paint.


Newly painted trim will make every single other element on your walls stand out by comparison. Neutral walls will look more vibrant and bright walls will look even brighter.


One gallon of paint will cover around 400 square feet and runs from $50-$75. That should be plenty to cover trim in the average home.


  1. Switch out your light wattage.

There is more to light bulbs than you ever imagined: color temperature, lumens, efficiency and more But the most important number to consider is the wattage. Light bulbs nowadays are more efficient than they used to be, meaning less wattage will get you the same amount of light.


Consult this light bulb buying guide to find the right bulbs for your situation. Whether you want brighter and darker bulbs, you can buy a dozen around a dozen high-end bulbs for $100, and closer to 20 for more standard bulbs. That’s enough to change up all your lamps, fan lights and more.


  1. Add an accent wall.

The traditional accent wall is simply one wall in a room that is painted a different color than the others, often a striking color rather than a neutral one. The purpose of an accent wall is to accentuate a feature of the room or to add some visual contrast that spices up its layout.


But accent walls can go beyond just paint. You can experiment with floating shelves, artwork and mirrors. Anything that draws the eye and improves the composition of the room means your accent wall is successful. For under $100 you can easily customize a wall in your living quarters with paint and accessories that will brighten up the space.


You don’t have to break the bank to spruce up your home in a satisfying way. And when you’re ready to sell, give the home experts at Franklin Realtors a call at 417-818-1237.

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