3 Things Your Real Estate Agent Should Never Do

Posted by admin on September 20, 2016
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Real estate is a complicated business, which is why real estate agents exist. They help you through one of the largest and most complicated transactions of your life, guiding you around the pitfalls and headaches of home buying and selling.

But since agents are the experts, they may be making mistakes that you aren’t even aware of. We want to give you a heads up for this kind of behavior: it’s a sign that you’re not getting the whole story.


1. Say that you don’t need a home inspection

No matter what anyone tells you, when you’re buying a home, you need to get a home inspection. It’s just common sense, and any agent who tells you it’s a formality is either hiding something or doesn’t truly have your best interests in mind.

Home inspections arm you with the information you need to make better decisions. That’s what the best agents do for you: they line up all your options with pros and cons so you can really see what you’re dealing with.


2. Urge you to sign a contract without reading it

It’s true that a real estate agent knows much better than the average person what’s in the final contract. To the untrained eye, it looks like total nonsense, so your temptation is to sign it just so you can stop looking at it.

Make sure your agent explains everything, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything you don’t understand. Someone on your side whose only purpose is to translate legal jargon is a powerful tool. After all, a home is one of the most important transactions of your life. You don’t want to leave any stone unturned.


3. Show you only homes over your budget

It can be confusing sometimes to set the right budget for your next home. But whether you have cash up front or you get pre-approved by a lender, your agent should respect that budget.

It’s obviously in their interest to show you more expensive homes so they get a larger commission, so when an agent doesn’t show you homes over their budget, you know they’re really listening to you. When you tell your agent your budget, make sure they keep it in mind. You know you’ve got a good agent when it’s your bottom line they’re concerned with.


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