4 Things You Should Add To Your Moving Checklist

Posted by Shirley Franklin Realtors on January 26, 2017
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Congratulations! You’re moving into your new home soon. There’s a million and one things you still need to take care of, but before you start pulling your hair out we’d like to point out four important ones.

Doing these four things will make your life easier on moving day and get rid of some of your worries in the new home.


  1. Take care of mail forwarding and change of address.

Let the USPS know where you will be moving to and when you will be moving. You can take care of mail forwarding and change of address at this site. You’ll get mail from your old address forwarded to your new address for a certain amount of months, depending on the type of mail.


  1. Switch utilities over to the new home.

You’ll want to avoid paying for heat, water and gas in your new home when you’re not there yet. Likewise, you’ll want to avoid paying for the same utilities in your old home after you’ve already gone. Call your local utility company and make sure they know the day you’re leaving and agree to shut off your utilities then.

Then call the utility company of the area you’ll be living in, if it’s different from your old home. Give them the dates of your move and you should have no trouble turning on the lights or water as soon as you move in.


  1. Register to vote.

You can usually take care of this step on the same site from above where you change your address with the USPS. If your area requires you to register in person, be sure to make time for it in the first week of your move. It’s easy to forget after the hubbub of moving settles down, and you don’t want to show up on election day without having registered.


  1. Schedule a grooming for your pets on moving day.

If there’s one thing that no pet likes, it’s a major change of routine. Your pet will be stressed out when they see all of their things being moved around by unfamiliar people, and if they’re locked in a bathroom all day they won’t handle that stress any better.

Give them a day at the spa where they can relax and not have to go through the stress of a disrupted routine. Then they’ll feel calm and relaxed enough to handle the challenge of getting used to a new home.


These four steps are essential to a smooth moving experience. When you’re ready to make your move, give us a call at 417-818-1237 and we’ll guide you through all the steps you’ll need to take.

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