5 Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Posted by Shirley Franklin Realtors on October 19, 2016
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The air is crisp, leaves are turning and the sun is setting earlier–it must be Fall again. Your house is still stuck in summer mode, so the question is: how do I put a twist on last year’s decorations?

We’ve put together five easy ways for you to celebrate Fall in your home beyond just jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows.


1. Festive mantel decorations

Pretend your mantelpiece is a rustic fence out in the country. You can string old pieces of corn stalks along it, or jars filled with hay. You can even string soft lights along the mantel–they’re not just for Christmas time! The occasional garland or ear of corn won’t be out of place either.


2. Pumpkin votives

Rather than choose between pumpkins and candles, why not combine the two? Take small pumpkins and carve votive candle-sized holes in the top. You’ll bring warmth to the room and make creative use out of an old Fall staple.


3. Leaf art

You’ve got to rake them up anyway, so you might as well put those leaves to work brightening up your home. Leaves make great tools for art projects and collages. You can glue multi-colored leaves onto posterboard and create any shape you want. Each leaf is unique, and your creation will be too!


4. Branch out from earth tones

It’s easy to stick to the burnt oranges and browns in your decoration, but a house full of unsurprising colors can get boring. Mix things up with unexpected dashes of color: maybe a bold blue zigzag on a throw pillow, or a floral centerpiece with bright, cheery flowers.


5. Fall lanterns

Nothing says Fall like an old rustic lantern. Even if you never light it up, hanging a lantern from your porch or even from a mantel will add the sweet country feel of the old days. You can paint your lantern to match the trim or siding, or place a pumpkin inside to turn it into a Fall display case.

There are endless ways to put new spins on old Fall classics, and the only limit is your imagination. Your home is just waiting to be turned into a comfy den that will keep you warm and cheerful throughout Fall.

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