Is Your Home Ready To Sell?

Posted by Shirley Franklin Realtors on February 15, 2017
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It’s your job to make your home into a paradise where buyers can’t wait to give you their money. So how do you turn your regular old house into the shining star of the neighborhood?

1. Get rid of personal artifacts. There are certain items in your own home that make it undeniably yours. Those are the exact items that will make a buyer say, “What a lovely home—but we don’t fit here.”

Pack up your family pictures, custom-embroidered pillows and baby toys and replace them with more neutral decorations. Even if you think they’re boring and miss your old stuff, it will be much easier for a buyer to imagine themselves in the space.

2. Fix the little things, too. You plastered over the hole in the wall and finally got the dishwasher working again. Your buyers will appreciate these things, but they’re picky. As soon as they run into a loose doorknob or squeaky drawer, their overall feelings about your home will decline. The most important thing you should do is focus your attention on the buyer’s feelings about your home.

3. Stage each room for its purpose. Every family inhabits a home in their own way. Maybe you use the dining room as an office and the kitchen as a sewing room. But buyers don’t see things this way. They expect to see rooms where they should be and being used for their intended purposes. That means centerpieces on the dining room table and made beds in the bedrooms, for example.

4. Don’t hide things in closets and drawers. Buyers are not only picky, they like to snoop through your things during an open house. Don’t shove all your things into closets and drawers to the point that they’re busting out as soon as they’re opened. The last thing you want is a closet full of shoes to fall on a buyer, or for them to find your embarrassing things.

5. Don’t forget the outside. The outside is the first part of your home that anyone sees. If a buyer dislikes the look of your house right away, they’ll be very hard to flip back to happy campers once they step inside. Plant flowers and trim your hedges even if you’ve never done those things in your life. A buyer always wants to see the ideal version of the outside, not the real-life version.

It’s price that gets a buyer in the door; but, it’s the little things that cause them to pull the trigger on your home. Call Franklin Realtors now at 417-818-1237 or schedule a consultation with us online and we’ll help you stage and sell your home before you know it.

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