Preparing Your Home For Winter

Posted by Hayden Bickerton on January 13, 2017
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When winter comes, things start to disappear. Bears hibernate, leaves fall off trees, fish hide under the ice.

Your house has no choice but to stick it out in the elements until Spring. It’s up to you to give it the T.L.C that will keep it in one piece. There are important but easy areas to check to make sure your home is winter-ready.

Add insulation to your attic and seal leaks.

Check up in your attic for gaps in your shingles, insulation and ventilation. You can buy expandable foam insulation to fill in larger gaps that allow warm air to escape, and fill in tiny cracks in wood with caulk.

Look for areas where insulation is missing or damp. Addressing these areas with more insulation will help keep your energy bills down because less warm air will escape.

Fix your drafty doors.

Your outside doors are one of the biggest areas where energy seeps out of your home. You can fight this energy loss by replacing the weather-stripping. This is the material between the door and the door frame that creates an airtight seal when the door is closed. Replacing it is a simple DIY task.

You can also look into a door sweep, which is basically weather-stripping for the bottom of your door that can also sweep along your floor. Getting rid of drafts makes your rooms much more comfortable to sit in and keeps your utility bills from getting out of hand.

Winterize outdoor systems and equipment.

If you have a shed or a garage with equipment such as a lawnmower or an outdoor grill, make sure they’re well covered and have no gas or propane in them when they’re inside. Gas that sits in a gas tank throughout the winter will degrade and make it harder for the engine to start up easily in the spring.

Sprinkler systems also need to be flushed so that any leftover water doesn’t freeze in the pipes. This is a routine process for handymen, so you can call someone to take care of all the insulation and winterization you need around your home. Be sure to disconnect any hoses from outside hose-bibs (faucets). Drain hoses of all water before storage.

If your house is vacant, be sure to leave the thermostat set on Heat at not less than 55 Degrees. This will help preserve the floors (prevent from buckling) & door jams. It is worth the utility expense.

The key to a home that lasts and works for you is maintaining it all year round. Whatever the season, call Franklin Realtors at 417-818-1237 when you’re ready to put your home on the market.

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