Ray M.

Posted by admin on June 27, 2017
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My story begins four years ago, I had five acres up for sale in the Ozark area by a realtor other than Franklin Realtors. The property had been up for sale for three years and no sale. The problem that I saw was the lack of interest and promotion of the property. After three years of that I contacted Franklin Realtors and with a stroke of luck was introduced to Jeff Riehm. On my first phone conversation with Jeff I noticed the confidence and enthusiasm that he would sell that property with/in a year. Jeff took the bull by the horns and with his energetic mind , set out to market the property like no one else had done before. The results were that Jeff lived up to his promise and the property was sold during the first year of our contract. “Thank you Jeff” I love that new sign on my property, “Sold!”

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