A Seller’s Roadmap

Selling your home is an emotional moment in life. There’s the nostalgia of letting go of the past—whether that’s due to heartbreak or a big, empty nest. But every seller is making a move towards the future, where a new home means excitement and change.

In this important moment of transition, you need a guide who can point out the potholes and road signs to keep you on the path to your goals. A REALTOR® is much more than just a business partner; they’re an experienced voice in your ear with only your best interests in mind.


Getting Yourself Organized

A seller’s roadmap begins with organization. Bills, property deeds, titles, clothes—you’ve got to get your things in order before you can figure out how you are going to leave your house smoothly. Your REALTOR® will need all the basic info about your home (beds, baths, square footage) in order to list your house most effectively.

Your next step should be putting your financial life in perspective. How much do you hope to get from your home? What’s your bottom line for an acceptable offer from a buyer? How much will you need in order to make a down payment on your new home? Your REALTOR® will also have experience in setting a realistic asking price no matter what your goals are.


Fixing Things Up

The next thing to consider is what areas of the home may need repair or replacement in order to make your home more appealing and avoid any hassles over what a buyer would expect to be completed. This step can include new carpets, neutral paint on the walls, repairing scuffs and scratches on hardwood floors or new fixtures in bathrooms or kitchens. Ask your REALTOR® about the most effective fixes you can make to your home.


Staging Your Home

You should make it as easy as possible for a touring buyer to imagine themselves living in your home. This means taking out as many signs of your own family’s presence as possible, and allowing the potential buyer to imagine their own family in your home. Any positive quirks of your home should be accentuated to make your home memorable in a buyer’s mind.

The buyers will then send you an offer with their asking price. You can accept this offer, reject it, or send back a counter offer. This negotiation will continue until one party walks away or both agree on a price. When you agree on a price, the next steps are:

  • Have a home inspection done within 10 days, and the buyers will make a list of repairs they want done before moving in. This list is negotiable, just like the asking price.
  • Your realtor will have a title company run a check on your home, making sure that everything is free and clear. When everything checks out, you’ll sign a stack of papers that makes everything official and hand the keys over to the buyer.


With the help of your REALTOR®, you will find the right balance of price, staging and market conditions to get your house sold. Give us a call at 417-818-1237 or set up an appointment with us online now.

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